Treatment of class III malocclusion

Differential Diagnosis
Linear measurement

Angular measurement -1

Angular measurement -2

Angular measurement -3

K I X Index
APDI : Anteroposterior Dysplasia Indicator
ODI : Overbite Depth Indicater (Dr.Y.H.Kim)

Comparison of KIX-index

Results and Conclusions
KIX-index demonstrated significant differences at all the three time points (p < 0.005).
The mean KIX-index before treatment was 1.261 for Group N and 1.486 for Group R.
Stability after overjet and overbite correction tended to increase as KIX-index approached its normal range.
The difficulty of correcting overjet and overbite with early treatment seemed to increase in patients with the KIX value exceeding 1.5, suggesting a higher probability of these patients needing Phase II orthodontic and/or surgical treatment.