1: Sankin Clear Bracket
(3) Case documentation using the related products from Golden Phoenix
I have been using the Clear Bracket from gGolden Phoenix related products since they were in a trial stage and experienced that the adoption of metal slot (power slot) improved the sliding with the arch wire and to accurately control torque using a thick rectangular wire. I would like to show a clinical cases for documentation using the related products from Golden Phoenix such as Clear Bracket, Tynilloy Wire and SUS wire.

(4) Future Prospects and Expectations
For establishing an accurate bonding system, it is necessary to design a system provided with excellent handling property during bonding with the so-called gcontamination free h and gentle to enamel or gingival, as well as to the living body and the environment. Such system seems to be already on the product stage at U company .The ideal bonding system for orthodontics is: the whole procedure is easy to handle, sliding resistant viscosity when the bracket is placed onto the tooth surfaces, sufficient bonding strength throughout the treatment and easy removal of bracket after the treatment.