1: Sankin Clear Bracket
(2) For an accurate bonding
The required properties for etching agents are summarized on Table 3. I had been using a trial product of Xeno Ortho etching gel for about a year ago.
The Xeno Ortho etching gel is a phosphoric acid gel tooth surface conditioner provided with the following properties compared to conventional products:

The Xeno Ortho etching gel is serving as an aid in establishing the accurate bonding system in my practice.

The future of the Xeno Ortho etching gel
1: Applicator style delivery so it can be placed directly on the tooth surface and allows being accurately and speedy painted by spreading thin with the brush.
2: Excellent water rinsing property. No stickiness when rinsed compared to conventional product and it does not leave residue on the tooth surface.
3: Excellent handling. The viscosity is proper and drop resistant, which protects the enamel.
4: Excellent storage & stability. No gel solidification or separation in the container if used for a long period of time (for about 1 year).

Table 3 :Features demanded from etching agents system
Accurate decalcification in a short period of time.
Easy to water rinse and does not leave a gel residue.
Superior handling property with drop resistant viscosity.
No malodor or bad taste and gentle to the living body.
No solidification or separation with superior storage & stability for a long period of time.

Xeno Ortho primer
Next, when painting the Xeno Ortho primer on the bonding base of Clear Bracket, it is important to paint thin and uniformly. The point is to place the Xeno Ortho paste over the bonding base of Clear Bracket immediately before the primer dries.

Xeno Ortho paste
The handling time of Xeno Ortho paste is within 2 minutes but its proper viscosity facilitates placement and resists drifting during bracket positioning or removal of excess paste. And the Xeno Ortho paste is highly sensitive to light, which sets quickly.