1: Sankin Clear Bracket
Something New

Background on the development of Sankin Clear Bracket
EThe first generation: Esthetic bracket was plastic made of acrylic resin.
EA new technology denominated lingual orthodontics.
EThe second generation: Ceramic (or artificial sapphire) bracket appeared as esthetic bracket.
EThe third generation: A plastic bracket with metal insert.

The Clear Bracket from Sankin Kogyo

The metal slot is made of power slot structure.
Another advantage is the twin slot compared to the conventional metal slot with a wide single slot.
The esthetics has improved considerably due to increased clarity of the bracket given by golden color metal slot.
The unique Clear Single Bracket is provided with a small guide at both ends of the arm called h rotation armh.

Clear Bracket

Roth type

Single type

Clinical evaluation of Sankin Clear Bracket
A.Wire Friction
B.Durability of bracket (brushing, ligature and attrition)
C.Discoloration of brackets during treatment
@1)Discoloration does not occur inside the bracket.
@2)Discoloration of bonding agent was greater than the bracket.
D.Bracket Removal

The Clinical Report on Sankin Clear Bracket
In clinical orthodontics, an accurate and easy bonding of the attachments for brackets and tubes over each tooth is very important operation that can influence in the quality of treatment result. Furthermore, accurate retention of brackets on the tooth surface without dislodgement does not only allow a tri-dimensional control of the tooth but also can be a great benefit for the management of practice and patients. Then it is indispensable that the bracket does not show any adverse reaction to tooth structure (especially on enamel) or gingiva throughout the treatment and be easily removed after the treatment.

Roth type
Single type