Oct. 9 (Tue.), 2001

9. Differential diagnosis of Class III malocclusions 3

Results of the study 2
The cephalograms taken at the three time points were used to make linear and angular measurements for comparison between Group N and Group R.
First, linear measurements at the three time points (initial examination, appliance removal, and occlusal stability) were made. The results are shown below.

No significant difference was noted in any of the linear cephalometric measurements between the two groups.

Next, angular measurements were made for comparison between the groups.

There were significant differences in ANB, L1 inclination, AO-BO, A-B plane angle and gonial angle.

Particularly, AO-BO and gonial angle showed significant differences both at initial examination and at occlusal stability. Furthermore, significant differences in A-B to Mand. and ODI were observed between the two groups at all the three time points.