Oct. 9 (Tue.), 2001

6. Approach to Class III treatment -- 1

What approaches to Class III treatment are available for what purposes?
There are six possible approaches to Class III treatment:
1. Control mandibular growth (direction) (with a chin cup).
2. Move A point forward by stimulation of maxillary growth (with rapid palatal expansion and maxillary protraction).
3. Move B point back with clockwise rotation of the mandible (with Class III elastics and a chin cup).
4. Establish Class I relationship by extraction (of premolars and molars).
5. Establish Class I relationship with an occlusal plane change (with Class III elastics and second order bends).
6. Orthognathic surgery.

A specific example of each approach will be shown:

1. I used to attempt to control mandibular growth (direction) with a chin cup. An example of such an attempt is shown below:

Although chin-cup treatment was popular in Japan, some people viewed the treatment as illustrated in the figure below.

2. Move A point forward by stimulation of maxillary growth (rapid maxillary expansion and protraction).

The skeletal Class III problem was successfully corrected by forward movement of A-point with a rapid maxillary expander and a facial mask.

I currently use the following rapid maxillary expander and facial mask.