Oct. 9 (Tue.), 2001

6. Approach to Class III treatment -- 2

3. Move B point back with clockwise mandibular rotation (with Class III elastics and a chin cup).
Care must be taken in controlling the vertical dimension. We have many high-angle cases with an open bite in our practice. For these cases, vertical control measures such as the use of a high-pull chin cup are required.

Case 1 presented in Section 3 (Problems with early treatment) was treated with a chin cup.

4. This is a case in which Class I relationship was established by extraction (of premolars and molars).

These are her post-treatment facial and intraoral photographs.

In addition to non-extraction treatment (lower third molars are extracted), extraction choices for Class III cases include lower first premolars, upper second and lower first premolars, and upper second and lower third molars.