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clinick image 19 Reception Area
Hi! We are receptionists.
Our reception, secretarial and other office management functions have been reinforced with two receptionists since the year 2000.
This area functions like a cockpit of an airplane to make the treatment flow as smooth as possible for
our patients. Contact us if you have any question on how to make an appointment, etc.

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Waiting Area
We have a rather spacious waiting room to accommodate parents and siblings of our patients.
The left picture shows our female staff.

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Treatment Room
We, clinical staff, make every effort so that your orthodontic treatment will progress smoothly.
We assist our patients in every possible way in achieving a good bite and straight teeth.
If you have a question or concern about treatment progress, feel free to ask us.
Our clinical team consists of Dr. Inami, two associate doctors and five dental hygienists.

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Care Room
We have two booths for oral care and tooth whitening.

clinick image 09 CB MercuRay
Recently there has been a growing necessity of three-dimensional imaging diagnosis in the dentomaxillofacial fields with the advancement of orthodontic treatment. Therefore, we used an X-ray CT system "CB MercuRay" dedicated to use in the dentomaxillofacial field by applying the cone beam CT technology that has been investigated as the next generation X-ray CT technology.

clinick image 14clinick image 13

clinick image 10
Director's Room
This is a counseling room for initial consultation and explanation on orthodontic diagnosis and treatment at your first visit to our office.
The room was stuffed with piles of reference materials, textbooks, journals and computer files in the past, a scene you would not have enjoyed. But the room is nice and organized now.

clinick image 16 Medical Office・Study Room
We study the orthodontic dentistry in this room.

clinick image 12 clinick image 26 clinick image 27
Staff's Room
The room is used for breaks, lunch and meetings. Dr. Inami is a frequent visitor to this room where
there is a large stock of sweets, fruits and soft drinks. Shame on him!
This is a snapshot of our monthly staff meeting. Our slogan for the last year was to "see patients on
time". We are still struggling to achieve this goal.

clinick image 24 Brushing Corner
This is where instructions on appliances and tooth brushing are provided.

clinick image 15 Dental Laboratory
Custom orthodontic appliances that snugly fit each patient's mouth are made here by our dental
technician. Dental lab work requires a great deal of persistence and many years of training to be
skillful. Please handle carefully and take a good care of your orthodontic appliances the technician
has spent much time making.

clinick image 25 Data Room
We keep all patient's medical record and oral plaster models in this room.

clinick image 17 clinick image 18 Corridor and
Surgical Room

clinick image 11 LABO-INAMI
This is our old office near Uji Saty. The building is three stories high and currently used for storage of materials and for research purposes. Photographs, X-rays, dental models, etc. of all our patients are organized and stored on the shelves on the second floor.
The third floor is a study room where materials for scientific presentations and lectures are prepared.
Dr. Inami works here listening to his favorite music through the JBL4344 speakers he had dreamt of purchasing for 30 years.