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Inami Orthodontics' Activities in 1996

1. March 7, 1996
Made a case report titled "Diagnosis and Treatment Procedures of Lingual Orthodontics" at the
Kyowakai meeting held at Kansai Bunka Salon (Osaka City).

2. March 21-24, 1996
Made an oral presentation titled "Lingual Cases Treated in Japan" at the European Society of
Lingual Orthodontics (ESLO) held in Monte Carlo, Monaco.
International Conference0000
Hall in Monte Carlo
Dr. Inami with orthodontists
from different countries

3. March 28, 1996
Organized a meeting to prepare for the foundation of the Japan Institute of Occlusal Guidance and
its scientific meeting at Kyushu Univ. School of Dentistry (Hakata City).

4. May 11-15, 1996
Presented "Class III Malocclusions Treated in Japan Using Level Anchorage System Concepts" at
the Scientific Poster Board Exhibition during the American Association of Orthodontics meeting held in Denver, USA.
In front of the exhibition booth

5. June 7-10, 1996
Served as an instructor for the 3rd "Level Anchorage System Typodont Seminar" held at Seoul City Education & Culture Center (Korea).
Dr. Inami with Korean assistant instractors0000
With course participants

6. June 15-16, 1996
Presented "Angle Class II div. 1 Hi-Angle Case" at the case exhibition during the 38th Kinki Tokai Orthodontic Society meeting held at Nagoya Small & Medium Enterprise Promotion Center Fukiage Hall (Nagoya City).

7. June 23, 1996
Made an oral presentation on "Orthodontic Treatment from the Inside of the Dental Arch (Class II div. 1, Class II div. 2 and Class II bimaxillary protrusion cases) at the 4th Japan Association of Adult Orthodontics meeting held at Tokyo American Club (Minato Ward, Tokyo).

8. June 30, 1996
Exhibited "Different Types of Class II Malocclusions" at the 8th Japan Lingual Orthodontic
Association meeting held at Kyoto Research Park (Kyoto City).

9. July 18, 1996
Organized the first general assembly and a scientific meeting of the Japan Institute of Occlusal
Guidance at Kyushu Univ. Faculty of Dentistry Alumni Association Hall (Hakata City).

Sept. 8, 1996
Presented 3 treated cases under treatment at the case exhibition of the 14th Kinki Orthodontic Study Group meeting held at Osaka International Exchange Center(Osaka City).

Made an oral presentation on "Diagnosis of Crossbites in the Early Mixed Dentition Using a New
Index (KIX=APDI/ODI) _ Changes in jaw morphology before and after the use of a protractor in
relation to initial jaw morphology " at the 6th MEAW Research Foundation meeting.

Oct. 5, 1996
Presented "A Simple Measurement of Chewing Function in School Children as Part of the School
Dental Health Program" at the exhibition of the 11th Congress of Kyoto Dental Association held at Kyoto Pulse Plaza (Kyoto City).

Oct. 5-6, 1996
Presented "Lingual Orthodontic Cases" at the exhibition of the Kinki Hokuriku Dental Congress
held at Kyoto Pulse Plaza (Kyoto City).

Oct. 6, 1996
Lectured on "Occlusal Guidance - My Clinical Experience" as a symposiast during the general and scientific meeting of the Central Japan Division of the Japanese Association of Pediatric Dentistry held at Aichigaikuinn Univ. School of Dentistry (Nagoya City).

Oct. 17-18, 1996
Exhibited "Cases Treated with Level Anchorage System (Part 2)" at the 55th Japan Orthodontic Society meeting held at Sea Hawk (Hakata City).

The first scientific presentation using multimedia

Oct. 20-21, 1996
Served as an assistant instructor at the ?th Level Anchorage System advanced course held in
Makuhari Messe (Chiba City).

With Dr. Root, his mentor

Nov. 21-24, 1996
Served as an instructor at the ?th Level Anchorage System regular course held at Sakae Gas Hall (Nagoya City).

With the course participants

Dec. 15, 1996
Dr. Inami took part as a bass singer in the 5th Uji City 9th Symphony Concert (Kyoto City
Symphony Orchestra conducted by Hiroshi Sato, chorus conducted by Shinnichi Ibuki) held at Uji
Citizens' Culture Center (Uji City).